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because I was bored, so I posted this. . . 

ブログを更新しました。『it's not really, the color of winter...』 http://amba.to/SYu3VL 

I was bored, in front of my camera, and yeah, I'm on my semestral break now. So I took some photographs. And edited one of them.
It's not really, the color of winter. My shirt says so. (ノ_-。)
I wonder who made red as the color of winter. XD
My leggings have heart patterns. Well, you can see that, why did I even type that?! v(^-^)v

Here's one of my babies "rilakkuma", given by my college friends as a birthday present.
Which was two months ago.
worthELLE worthELLE
Okay, that's all, bye~ (^O^)/
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