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Smile Yama-chan ;D
I DID IT. Oh goodness that took forever lol I feel so accomplished. I'm just gonna stop translating for today lol
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. Sure did bring up some emotions in me.
EXTRA: "S3art" translations: Candle/Reload/Yes!/Ready Go/FOREVER/Setsunasa Hikikae ni/Oh!Idol!/Hajimari no Melody
Will post rest soon^-^

"I love JUMP very much"Collapse )
12 31 12 - morning
shh yamada

Someday, maybe, I want to be a morning person~ but I think that's quite impossible or not. But it will take time for sure.
Just awhile ago, I finished reading chapter 17 of Catching Fire. And i really like the last scene, where Katniss gown changed *spoiler* from the white silk gown to a black /coal coloured bird like dress, a mocking jay. And now I'm getting really excited for the upcoming movie of the trilogy. Though I'm expecting the worst but also hoping for the best. So yeah, I wanna go to sleep, I wonder if I can already. Currently 4:07 am here. Dec 31, last day of 2012. Looking forward for tonight's Johnny's Countdown.
And wishing you all Advance Happy New Year!
ciao~ oyasumi nasai~

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Long time no post on my LJ account. I've been more active in posting on my ameblo and me2day account.

Ate this a while ago.

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07 07 11 - OVER singles

I received my copies of the single "OVER" today.
So I scanned and rip the audio files to share to my fandom friends.

SCANS here!

Audio rips here!
(320 kbps)
Track lists:
OVER, Born in the Earth, Ai-ing Aishiteru, You gotta more & Screw.

Leave a comment to get the password. ^_^ 

Okay! I quit. LOL, since I still need to do a lot of things, and I can't PM you one by one,

pw: worthelle59over

05 27 11 - icons again
 I made these last night. Yamada and Chinen icons. ^_^

$worthELLE $worthELLE $worthELLE $worthELLE $worthELLE $worthELLE $worthELLE $worthELLE $worthELLE

First ; Second ; Room of a fangirl
05 23 11 - New Toshiba CM

I re-uploaded it from that video from YT.

video quality: HD
download here:
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