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12 31 12
shh yamada

Someday, maybe, I want to be a morning person~ but I think that's quite impossible or not. But it will take time for sure.
Just awhile ago, I finished reading chapter 17 of Catching Fire. And i really like the last scene, where Katniss gown changed *spoiler* from the white silk gown to a black /coal coloured bird like dress, a mocking jay. And now I'm getting really excited for the upcoming movie of the trilogy. Though I'm expecting the worst but also hoping for the best. So yeah, I wanna go to sleep, I wonder if I can already. Currently 4:07 am here. Dec 31, last day of 2012. Looking forward for tonight's Johnny's Countdown.
And wishing you all Advance Happy New Year!
ciao~ oyasumi nasai~

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